The leading institution in Kerala which provides cinema /serial / dance  costumes and ornaments for rent & sale.
Established in 1983, celebrating 27 years of service.
Costumes and Ornaments / dress etc for Cinema, Serial, Drama are available for sale or rent. We also undertake stiching of all kinds of costumes for any kind of dance according to individual requirement.

We provide costumes on rent for dance items like Kuchipudy, Mohiniyattam.oppana, Thiruvathira, Margam Kali, Gujarathi Dance, Arabian dance, Kerala Nadanam, Punjabi dance, Kashmiri Dance, Cinematic Dance, Folk dance, Group Dance, Single dance, Manipuri dance.
We offer wigs, animal masks, cartoon character masks, Dracula mask, Muthukuda, Marriage coats, traditional lamp for inauguration, triple drum, Violin, Guitar , Thalam , traditional measuring vessel on Rent & Sale.
Daff, Urbana, Band, Side drum are also for available for rent and sale. We provide items for dance forms like classical dance, disco dance etc.

We arrange Shingarimelam, Karayattam, Pookkavady, sarpa kavady, Narikali, Theyyam, Thira, Kathakali, Nadaswaram, band, mimicry, Ganamela, Nadan pattu, Personality development programs,  laughingn't man, Oppana, daffmoot, Kolkali etc. We also organize dance programs abroad; we also undertake stage decorations, musical dance, hydrogen balloon decorations.
We provide dolls, Mickey Mouse dolls, Donald Duck dolls, Animal figures, cartoon figures on rent for function like inaugurations.
We also provide costumes for characters from Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Christian dresses, Police uniforms of British era, Scenery curtains, English Drama dresses, ornaments etc on rent & sale. We also provide Indian English wigs, costumes for royal characters, shields, swords, different types of head gears, Crown for characters of gods and goddess.
We undertake stitching of Bharathanatian, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudy dance costumes . We also provide Bharathanatyam Dresses, temple style ornaments and red and white ornaments on rent & sale.
We assist students who participate in school festivals from School level to Sub District, District level and up to State level.